As the weather gets colder, its important to make sure your battery is fully charged.  If you drive very short distances, or make frequent stops and starts, drive it long enough to recharge the battery once in a while, and when you are doing this, try to minimize the electrical pull on your battery from things like rear window defrosters, headlights, stereo amplifiers, etc.   

How difficult is cold weather on batteries? According to Nascar:

“When the outside temperature is 80 degrees, a fully-charged battery has 100 percent of its power available to start the car.   When the temperature drops to 32 degrees, a fully-charged battery has two-thirds of its power available.  At zero degrees, that same fully-charged battery has only 40 percent of its power available to start the vehicle.”  

When your car is difficult to start, and turns over slowly, that is the time to get it checked out. If you need a new battery, it is easier to get one when your car is still drivable.   But if your battery is dead, Call Twin City Towing at 336-692-2615.  Twin City Towing provides battery services across the greater Winston Salem area.